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Qijiang Yongyue Gear Co Ltd was established in Oct 2003 its predecessor was Chongqing Municipality Qijiang Auto Parts Factory local state owned The company is located in Qiaohe Gear City Qijiang Industrial zone Area B Chongqing Municipality close to the Fei E Stone access of YuQian highway beside the state level road 210 Company covers an area of 120mu with current first phase usable area 15000 M2 Current registered capital 10 million RMB total assets more than 100 million RMB Total staff 268 they re 15 professionals external employee included 4 senior engineers 8 engineers 3 technician and senior technician Equipment and capacity Main equipment more than 300 sets of forging machining heat...

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Tooth profile

Helical Gear

Shaving Howo crankshaft gear with Hobbing Forging Mid Axle Passive super gear Shaving Steyr driving gear Steyr parts Shaving Steyr drived gear truck parts Steyr series Idle gear Forging Forging double gear ZF Gearbox parts Forging contact mesh gear ZF Forging counter shaft gear 5th S6-90 ZF gearbox 

Spur Gear

Forging axle parts planetary gear Shaving Howo input shaft gear Forging Howo axle gear Shaving sun gear Benz Pinion Forging Howo parts main shaft 3rd gear Forging primary shaft for bus ZF gearbox Forging counter shaft gear 6th ZF parts Shaving main shaft reverse gear ZF parts Shaving main shaft QJ160 ZF parts Forging ring gear ZF parts Forging double gear 4 5th ZF parts Forging Counter shaft 2 3 Double Gear Forging Bus Primary Shaft Forging counter shaft Gear 5th ZF Forging intermediate shaft Gear 5th Forging constant mesh gear ZF Forging Constant mesh gear ZF parts Forging main shaft gear 3rd Forging main shaft 4th gear Forging Layshaft Double Gear series 

Bevel Gear

Forging Benz Bevel Pinion Mid axle parts Forging Pinion Mid axle Benz gear Forging Rear Axle Crown and Pinion Mid Axle crown and Pinion Forging Bevel Pinion Steyr bevel gear Forging rear axle Crown wheel & pinion Crown & pinion rear axle Forging crown wheel and pinion middle axle 

Gear transmission

Synchronizer Assembly

Forging Synchronizer body ZF synchronizer Forging ZF transmission synchronizer ring ZF transmission Synchronizer body Forging ZF gearbox parts Clutch cone Forging ZF spare parts Clutch cone ZF synchronizer Clutch cone Forging ZF synchronizer clutch cone Forging ZF Synchronizer body ZF gearbox parts sliding sleeve Forging synchronizer sliding sleeve forging ZF transmission synchronizer body ZF transmission synchronizer body forging ZF transmissionmain shaft 5th gear ZF gearbox main shaft Gear 3rd ZF gearbox Synchronizer ring ZF transmission synchronizer Sliding sleeve Forging ZF spare parts Synchron. Body Forging ZF gearbox synchronizer body 

Bus Gearbox

Qijiang ZF transmission gearbox Fofging Synchromesh Transmission S5-70 ZF transmission Synchromesh Transmission Synchromesh Transmission high reliability Forging Synchromesh Transmission S6-90 ZF license High Reliability Synchromesh Transmission Synchromesh Transmission low fuel consumption Synchromesh Transmission new model High quality Synchromesh Transmission gearbox Series Synchromesh Transmission gearbox Synchromesh Transmission gearbox series High quality ZF Transmission 5S-111GP High quality ZF Transmission 5S-136GP ZF Transmission Easy shift Forging Qijiang Transmission gearbox bus parts 

MF660 Series

MF660 Gears

Forging GEAR 8/25 TEETH TRACTOR PARTS Kit Gear tractor gear shaving Forging Tractor gear steel hardened gear Forging gearbox mainshaft gear Forging Hub Gear Tractor gear Forging Ring gear Tractor gear Forging mesh sleeve Tractor gear Forging heavy tractor gear gearbox pinion Forging Pump gear Tractor parts Forging MF 660 tractor forging gear Forging gear for heavy tractors 

MF660 Shafts

Forging high speed pump gear Forging input shaft for agriculture tractor 

MF285 Pinion

Forging pinion counter shaft gear Forging MF285 pinion high speed pinion 

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